Discover the metaverse in virtual and augmented reality that can teleport you to a new life.

Learn, teach, share, build knowledge, have fun anytime, anywhere, your way! Make new friends from all over the world using any device.

Want to explore first?

    Have fun alone or with your friends with interactive games in the 3D metaverse. Interact in real time, conquer the top of the leaderboard and become a legend.

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    Get scanned and become an avatar. Whoever you want and however you want, in Metafuter® you can be unique!

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    Want to be a futer and get Metafuter® early access?

      In Futer's Metaverse, Metafuter®, students and teachers are teleported to anywhere in the different universes, allowing interactions in fun, dynamic and innovative environments.

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      Learning by playing is already a reality. You'll be left out? In Futer's Metaverse, Metafuter®, there are no barriers. Get your friends together to play and learn at the same time!

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      In Futer's Metaverse, Metafuter®, the power is in your hands: teleport your friends and teachers to different universes.

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      Amazing, wonderful... I can't name it enough, it's what I've been waiting for since January of this year and I had no idea what it was. And the top designer himself. I loved seeing Carl teleported! Happy and at peace to have found

      Anelise, 53 years old.

      Have you and your friends ever imagined yourselves on Mars? In Metafuter® this will be possible!

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      Who is Behind

      Metafuter is a project that was built by people who combine different skills and who believe that the metaverse can change people's lives for the better. We integrate disruptive technologies such as Virtual, Augmented Reality , combining gamification in most activities to make the exponential absorption of knowledge more pleasant through courses, lectures, training and other immersive and interactive ways. Among the goals of the Metafuter team, one of them is to change the world through a new form of education, as we believe that knowledge is power and can change your world. We are building a new story and you can be part of it, be a Futer!


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